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Video Creator Coach, Radio personality, Actress
Sinita Wells

"There is no one else to call when it’s time for me to show up and shine bright. She is not only my stylist, she is a style artist. Her eye and vision for fashion from clothes to jewelry and down to your shoes is unmatched. Yoro, is most definitely my go to for all my brand shoots and to red carpet appearances."


Thank you for being just amazing and fun to work with.


CEO and Media Personality 



Speaker, Author, Singer, Actress
Coco Rochelle Soul



Yoro is the absolute truth. I’ve had the pleasure of having Yoro as a stylist and friend for over 10 years now. Each time we chat about a project, it’s pure magic. Yoro “understands the assignment”. Her creativity is unmatched. To listen to all of her ideas and to even witness her create onsite is amazing. Yoro recently provided wardrobe and jewelry for me at the Kranzberg Arts Center concert earlier this year. She took the time to understand how I wanted to represent myself and how comfortable I wanted to be since I move a lot on stage. She created a custom“314” T-shirt and paired with liquid leggings and draped me in the finest “Yoro jewelry designs.”. Yoro truly takes the time to make sure that everyone she works with shines individually. No two stylings are the same. She is unique. She is amazing. She is Yoro!

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